Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Pack It In: Travel Essentials

It's that time of year again--when many of us take our vacations. I just returned from San Antonio for a wedding.

This is my list of travel essentials:

Swim suit


Book --read a couple of chapters prior to your trip

Medication--always in your carryon


Sandals (summer)

Boots (winter)

Shoes (preferably waterproof)


Light sweatpants




Credit cards

AAA card


Discount coupons


ID inside luggage pieces

Phone numbers

Extra flat carryon--for trip purchases

Clear plastic bags

Pen and paper

Camera and charger

Alarm clock (or alarm on cell phone)

Cell phone recharger

To this list, I add Vibrant Nation's 13 travel essentials:

1. A large scarf to serve as a shawl, blanket or pillow.

2. Duct tape for simple, easy repairs.

3. Travel yoga mat for exercise or luggage padding.

4. Cozy socks for relaxing on the airplane.

5. A small headlamp to use as a lamp or flashlight.

6. Multi-plug electrical adaptor.

7. Comfy running shoes.

8. Your own face soap and moisturizer.

9. Saline nasal spray for dry airline cabins.

10. Tums for stomach upsets.

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Have a great time!!

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