Friday, July 22, 2011

Save on Travel

Here are a few ways to save on travel (I've picked them up from various sources):

Buy your flight at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning in the time zone the airline is based.

Fly during off-peak times and days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at midday).

Consider alternate airports.

Rent cars other than at the airport where additional taxes are charged. Watch for last-minute specials, weekly rates, and pre-payment plans.

Don't assume you are saving money by using an airport shuttle--a cab may be cheaper, particularly if you are not traveling alone.

Ask the hotel manager for discounts or upgrades at the check-in desk.

Consider the concierge floor--it may cost more upfront but be worth it if you get breakfast and appetizers thrown in (the snacks are enough to fill us up!).

Stay with locals or exchange your home with one in a foreign country you'd like to visit.

Check out colleges and universities for dorm rooms.

You might enjoy camping or hostels.

Book an all-inclusive vacation package.

Go to a destination that recently hosted a major world event--like Vancouver or Beijing.

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Yaz said...

Another possibility is to volunteer with a charity, e.g., who offer "working holidays".

If you are travelling solo, make sure you also go with a travel company that does not charge "singles supplements", e.g. Singles Holidays Over 50s.