Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Apple a Day Keeps Colon Cancer At Bay: What To Eat For Colon Health

What you eat is important for colon health, according to Real Age. The fiber found in apples (pectin) appears to protect your colon from cancer-causing compounds. Choose cloudy over translucent juices because they contain more disease-fighting antioxidants.

Head for Red Delicious bin at your supermarket. Wash them well and don't forget to eat the nutrient-enriched skins.

Other key factors to colon health are:

Get screened for polyps

Load up on whole grains

Drink milk and stay away from sugary drinks

Add sliced onions to your salads

For more on colon cancer, visit And read my cousin's real-life situation conquering colon cancer.


Diane J Standiford said...

I love an apple a day---tried and true!

Anita said...

I've just started eating apples again for the umpteenth time. I hope I can stick with it this time around.
Trying to get my children to do the same.