Monday, November 23, 2009

Encore Careers For Boomers and Seniors: Over 50 Find New Job Satisfaction

According to Kerry Hannon's article in What's Next, "moving into a new field later in life can be fulfilling." Just ask the banker turned chef, the corporate exec turned minister and others.

8.4 million Americans ages 44 through 70 have embraced encore careers. Some need the money but others need purpose in their lives.

Ms. Hannon suggests 6 steps to making the transition easier:
1. Appraise your skills, interests and personality. And plan the change well before you leave your current job.

2. Do your homework: Look for field with strong growth potential. Check out the Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook.

3. Network by finding a group of like-minded people who have already made the career change. Learn from their experience. Also, connect with people in the fields you are considering.

4. Upgrade your skills.

5. Evaluate your financial picture.

6. Don't let your age get in the way.

Best of luck and let me know!

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Anita said...

Makes me wonder what I'll be doing when I decide to seek employment and income again.