Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dating For Boomers and Seniors: How to Find YOur Soulmate

When you're in the dating pool, you're thinking about where to go, what to wear and what to say.

AARP has something to say about making the whole process easier:

Try group activities such as wine tasting, cooking classes or seminars.

Join groups that focus on your hobbies.

Put on your dancing shoes.

Pack a picnic or better yet, shop together for the picnic fare and find the perfect spot.

Go to a gallery or a museum.

Try boating--canoe, row boat or dinner cruise.

Join a book group or meet at an author's lecture.

Pull out your golf clubs or tennis racket.

Visit a nursery.

And most of all, have fun!!!


Diane J Standiford said...

It is sooo important to never give up on love. We all need partners in life. At my retirement home there are several love connections happening, what a beautiful sight! Be a sponge, look for opportunities, and don't be afraid to fall in love again.

Ms. 50something said...

You are such an inspiration. Do you suppose you could move a little further south--like in California?

karen said...

If I ever get out of this house I might do some of that fun stuff.LOL!

Ms. 50something said...

I hope you get some respite to have some fun. You deserve it. said...

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