Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Some People Move to Retirement Communities In Warmer Climates

You, too, can be eligible for retirement communities--providing you are at least 55.  Carol Fena suggests why you should consider moving into one:

1. Your neighbors:  Retirement communities have rules and restrictions that protect you from barking dogs, loud music, and unkempt property.

2. Home maintenance: In a retirement community you may not have to be concerned with the constant upkeep of your home nor do you need to worry if you leave it unattended for lengthy periods of time.

3. Climate:  Older people find colder weather a deterrent to going out.  Warmer climates make exercise and fitness easier.

4. Health: Not having to cope with traffic, getting cleaner air and water, and being closer to medical facilities increase the likelihood of more pleasant later years.

5. Family: Children worry less when parents are able to easily elicit help and assistance.  

6. Social life: The activities that they never had the time for are now abundant and welcoming. 

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