Friday, May 1, 2009

Clothes for Mature Women: How Boomer Women Are Adjusting to the Recession

Carol Orsborn at wrote about the ways upscale boomer women have reacted in the marketplace to the economic meltdown.

She reported that even though these women have "always been discerning and demanding value shoppers even in the best of times," they are exhibiting even more creativity and resourcefulness.  

Mix and match is in.  So is spending less on something like a t-shirt but indulging in something likely to last more than one season--like jeans.   Many are shopping online not only for the convenience but also for price-comparisons.

Out-of-work boomer women have figured out ways to get exactly what they want at a price they can afford.  They're convinced that they need to keep their career wardrobe fresh for when they re-enter the workforce.  But their time off has enabled them to go from store to store or search online or hit the resale, thrift shops and garage sales.

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Thanks for the mention of Carol's blog. You can read her entire post here:

Boom and bust: Top ways Boomer women are adapting to recessionary times