Monday, May 25, 2009

10 Cooking Tips For Arthritis Sufferers shares 10 cooking tips for people with Arthritis:

1. Use ergonomic, lightweight cooking tools with easy grips and non-slip handles

2. Use pots or pans with two handles that distribute the weight more evenly between both your hands and wrists

3. Use a food processor to chop, cut and slice but be sure you are able to change the blades easily and remove the bowl and lid without strain.  Consider mini processors too.

4. Use better cooking tools like the 2-handled rocker knife.

5. Pull up a stool and give your arthritis a rest.

6. Think "crockpot."  In less time you can make one-pot nutritious meals.

7. Soup makes people feel better so have them available whenever you aren't up to making it fresh.

8. Make extra food and plan for leftovers.  Double your recipe and freeze for another day.

9. Get food storage containers that are both easy to open and easy to stack.

10. Make sure your kitchen shelves are easily accessible; pullout shelves are great.  Put the most used items lower.  Car-man added shelves in my kitchen (we store no more than a service for 6-8 on any one shelf--the rest goes on higher shelves).

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