Thursday, May 21, 2009

U.S. Government On View: Videos, Facebook & Twitter Hand Out Information

According to Director of New Media Macon Phillips, the U.S. Government has launched the official U.S. Government Channel on You Tube which features more than 200 videos from 25 agencies.  In addition, in its effort to be open and transparent the administration now has links also on Facebook and on Twitter so you can find out what the government is doing right now. 

On the first page of the Government's Twitter page, I can locate a safety guide on barbecuing this Memorial Day weekend or I can learn how to protect myself from identity theft.  I can visit a listed local farmers market, find a job, check on the status of a tax refund, view what astronaut Mike Massimino is tweeting from the space shuttle Atlantis, get a free annual credit report from the only government-authorized source or send a message to thank our troops.

Get a direct line to and view a behind-the-scenes administration on  Watch events as they happen!

Now you can use a variety of media devices to discover how you can volunteer, apply for benefits or find jobs.   Tap into videos about topics such as public safety, money and taxes, science and technology, and travel and recreation. 

Take advantage of this wealth of information. 

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