Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Must-Have Respite Care Website

Get the help when you need it.

Respite is a service in which temporary care is provided for an adult with disabilities or with chronic or terminal illnesses.  It can occur in or out of the home for any length of time, depending on the needs of the family and available resources.  

Some states require licensing for respite providers so be vigilante about doing background and qualification checks.  Don't assume that companies or agencies, even, have done them.  Here is a quick checklist to use when considering a provider:

1. Telephone screening and interview
2. Ask for references and check them, especially criminal background
3. Conduct a personal interview
4. Evaluate costs and financing
5. Write a contract that provides specific details

Find and keep good respite providers because you need a break!

You can easily search the National Respite Locator Service simply by specifying your state or province, age of the person required care and the kind of care needed.  For instance, you may check up to 3 of the following conditions:  dementia, chronic illness or stroke, frailty, hearing or visual impairments, physical disabilities, etc.

Also, you may want to take advantage of the National Adult Day Service Association's Directory.

Genworth's 2009 Cost of (Long-Term) Care lets you compare costs in your state or region with other areas.

Should you want even more information,  see 50somethinginfo.com.