Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gift Cards: Buying, Selling and Trading

The good news is:  Those gift cards gathering dust on your counter or in your drawers can be sold or traded for ones that better suit you and your lifestyle. Gift card buying, selling (get cash from an auction) or swapping can work out grandly for both parties interested in everything from home improvement to food and entertainment to books to pet supplies to sporting goods to electronics to travel and more.  

The bad news is:  Thieves have figured out a way to whisk them away from and sell stolen cards to the unwary.  

Don't get stuck with a pinched card.  Work only with reputable companies. 

With 5 hours left, I may come close to purchasing a $103.90 Lowe's gift card for $85.25.   Or I might be able to save $12. on a Marshall's card or $20. on a Sears card.  

"Buy Now" can also be an option.  I could pay $400. now for a Talbot's card valued at $627.10 or $71.85 for a J. Crew card valued at $84.53. 

Check out safe exchange sites like Card Avenue and Plastic Jungle.  The small fee involved is well worth your peace of mind.    

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