Saturday, March 28, 2009

Floor Plans For Your New Home: Making It Barrier-Free

Many people who really know me say I have my share of quirks.  One of my more harmless ones is that I love to read floor plans.  I'd buy books of well,...just floor plans and read them in my favorite reading room (I'll leave that to your imagination).

Big is over-rated I've now decided.  Who wants to be responsible for cleaning extra rooms?  Not me.

Just provide me with functional rooms that should last me throughout the rest of my life.

So when I was teased by AARP featuring New Millennial Homes' Freedom (universally- designed) model, I quickly put mouse to pad and scurried over to the site.  Here I found an affordable barrier-free home, reminiscent of California Craftsmen, that incorporated concealed ramps,  a no-step shower, pull-out drawers, even a turn-around area in a hallway.  The walls have already been prepped for handrails should you ever need them.  Take the virtual tour and see how well the architects divided the space.

If you have any mobility challenges (or think you might grow into one), consider the Freedom or a similar home.   


Diane J Standiford said...

By all means, I never dreamed at 52 I'd be in a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis. Be prepared, the plans make life easier no matter how healthy you are. (You may have friends who will want to visit you. hint hint)

mseitzer said...

Great post, Sue! Quirks are what make us unique, and I think reading floor plans is pretty cool...I used to enjoy reading phone books and church directories - I thought names and addresses were fascinating...but I digress.

I also agree that big is over-rated and even at the age of 30, my "dream house" is a one-bedroom/studio apartment that is simple and clutter-free.

I am going to check out that virtual tour - what a great concept and indicative of the growing trend for people to remain as independent as possible (for as long as possible), and, in a sense, supported by their home rather than forced out by their home. Thanks for sharing this info (and your quirk)!