Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eat To Flatten Tummies

RealAge has shared Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen's suggestions for belly-flattening meal choices. Being a picky eater and one who has equated sweet with yummy, I was surprised that several appealed to me:

1. Yogurt. I'd have to add lots of fruit.

2. Eggs. The tortilla with the eggs, cheese and tomatoes looks like something I'd try.

3. Pistachios. Yum. I even like to shell them.

4. Grapefruit. Some are great, some just too sour for our taste. I'd want to go to a great produce stand for these.

5. Avocado. This is when I stop to appreciate my neighbor with their tree straddling our common fence. I put them into paper bags to ripen. Lately, however, our dog, Oscar, has discovered how yummy they are and we compete for them. Bummer...he brings them into the house half-eaten.

6. Mushrooms. I put them into my Thanksgiving stuffing but forget to eat them at other times.

7. Olive oil. This is easy. For a while now I've replaced my fondness for real unsalted butter with this miracle food.

8. Whole grains. It's time to get back on steel-cut oats. Brown rice goes into my chili.

9. Red pepper. This is a staple in my fajitas.

10. Fava beans. This, I admit, is Frontier Land for me. I've yet to use them.

11. Rice with veggies.

The object of dining on all these foods is to lower calorie count, feel full longer, eat lean protein, get all my antioxidants, reduce appetite, hinder the absorption of fat, and flatten my belly.

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