Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reversing the Effects of Aging Skin

The 2010 Summer Academy meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology released good news to those who want to reverse aging skin non-surgically.

There are new deeper, thicker skin fillers that can recreate cheek volume which gives a more youthful appearance.

In addition, new technology shows promise for skin tightening and moderate lifting by using what is called fractionated bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF). This process causes thermal skin damage that stimulates wound healing with new collagen forming thicker, more elastic tissue.

Information taken from MedlinePlus, health information from the National Library of Medicine

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Rachel said...

swallow's nest in an edible gel form is supposed be good for the skin too. it gives that clear and pasty skin that we all love.

it's mad expensive. my brother and i bought some for my mom for her birthday. it was like 400 bucks for like a 6-8 oz jar. Luckily we finally found the one of popular brand online ( and

dad said it's really popular in indonesia. that a guy has to climb a high mountain to get the nest. that's why it's so expensive.

i mean why doesn't the dude just look for the fabled korean swallow king, capture it and let it lay eggs full of gold! then, he wouldn't have to work so hard and climb them high mountains.