Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fibromyalgia: Pain At Its Worst

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition characterized by widespread pain. It strikes about 10 million (90% women) Americans. There is no cure and pain medications are of little help. And for years it has been highly misunderstood.

Insomnia and fatigue are common. Heart conditions and overweight plague sufferers because exercise causes muscle pain and tender joints. Women with fibromyalgia die of liver disease and strokes at a higher rate than the general population.

The syndrome can also bring on psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, memory and concentration problems. Suicide urges occur to fibromyalgia sufferers more than others.

Researchers have discovered lately that those afflicted with fibromyalgia feel a given amount of pain more intensely than the average person even when there is no obvious cause. This is because of abnormalities in the brain's pain-processing centers.

If you are plagued with this condition, make sure your physician is aware of both your mental as well as physical health.


Bouquet of Roses said...

This condition is treatable with a change in diet to a more vegetarian menu, more fruits, no dairy except goat milk products, very little grains, and very little meat. In addition, exercise, massage, yoga, and meditation can help. Some have receive help by taking Chinese herbs, Omega 3, Vitamin D, and other supplements.

Ms. 50something said...

Thanks for the input. I think your advice pertains to all of us, no matter what ailments we have. Again, many thanks.

Diane J Standiford said...

B of R gives good advice for healthy living, but there is no cure for FMS. NO CURE. NO diet cures the syndrome, but many other conditions have same symptoms. See a rheumatologist. Many doctors do not understand nor have they studied Fibromyalgia Syndrome, a disease of the immune system with neurological aspects.