Monday, September 20, 2010

Help For Thinning Hair

Thank you, American Academy of Dermatology, for addressing an aggravating condition I am dealing with now--thinning hair. Fortunately, there are many different hair care products, or hair cosmetics, that can help conceal my balding spots.

For women who don't want to resort to medical or surgical treatment, here are a few tips to make your hair appear thicker:

1. Pressed powder matched to your hair color and applied to the scalp with a eye-shadow-type applicator

2. Keratin fiber hair cosmetics can be sprinkled over the hair to thicken its appearance--these are safe and effective and add volume to areas of thinning hair

3. Avoid "conditioning shampoos" and use "volumizing shampoos

4. Look for "fine hair" conditioners and apply primarily to the ends rather than the scalp

Test a number of shampoos and conditioners to find the formula that is right for you.

Information taken from MedlinePlus, health information from the National Library of Medicine

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