Friday, July 30, 2010

Walking Is Great For Everyone--Or Is It?

By now we all should have learned that walking is the preferred exercise for older adults. Easy, right? Not for the folks that have suffered common walking injuries.

If you get blisters, make sure that your shoes or socks are not rubbing against your skin. Keep the blisters covered with an adhesive bandage.

If shin splints plague you, avoid hilly terrain. Elevate your legs and apply ice. If all else fails, try water aerobics.

Ill-fitting or worn-out shoes may be causing pain in the ball of your foot. Try ice and orthotics to reduce stress on the area.

Wear shoes that give proper support or you might develop Achilles tendonitis. Get rest and use orthotic devices to elevate the heel.

Either take a hiatus until your foot has heeled or decrease the duration and intensity of your walking routine.


Diane J Standiford said...

Great advice! We take walking for granted.

litzi said...

Diane: We take walking for granted. Yes we do, UNTIL an ache or pain develops and then all bets are off!

Anonymous said...

Too hot to walk in South Florida but working out at the pool helps with aches and pains. Great blog!v

djbernard13 said...

We are planning (hoping) that walking will be a big part of our retirement some years down the road. Researching possible places to move to and "within walking distance" is a key variable across the board. As you point out, you need to take care of yourself to assure you are able to walk and enjoy the outdoors.