Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tai Chi Helps With Arthritis

Because studies of tai chi has shown that people over 65 with knee osteoarthritis who took tai chi exercises twice a week for 12 weeks experienced less pain and improved physical function, this form of exercise is promoted by the Arthritis Foundation.

Dr. Paul Lam, a family physician and tai chi expert, offers 12 lessons on disk for purchase. But he also is available to answer your questions.

Tai chi uses slow, deliberate, gentle, fluid and flowing circular movements that "improve the body and the mind." It is sometimes referred to as moving meditation.

This ancient Chinese martial art improves strength, balance and flexibility in older people but it also helps with chronic health conditions such as multiple sclerosis and sore joints and muscles.

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litzi said...

THANK YOU for publishing this post. I've been undergoing phlebology treatment for the past year and was diagnosed with arthritis as well. My legs feel and look better since the vein treatments but they still ache occasionally. I've found a brisk 4-mile walk everyday helps but am going to look into Tai Chi as an alternative.

Ms. 50something said...

Hey Litzi,
Good for you on walking so much! Bet you feel a lot better. Thanks for your input. I love to know if I'm helping anybody.

litzi said...

Hi Sue,
I've been reading your posts for months and have found them all extremely interesting. This one in particular really hit home...

Please continue your marvelous blogs! It's encouraging to know there are other "boomers" in cyberspace...not just the "kids".