Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garage Sale Heaven: Enjoy Traveling and Hunting at the Same Time

I am a great believer in garage and yard sales. In fact, my oldest thought "garages" were "garage sales" because I'd call out, "There's a garage sale!" It wasn't until he was quite a bit older when he realized they were two separate things.

Buying at these kinds of events happens to be my personal favorite for recycling (and getting slashed prices). Some of our best toys and books came from local yard sales.

Have you ever thought of combining travel and the most humongous, glorious, amazing yard sales? I didn't until I read JenniferHaupt and Brooke Howell's article in an old AARP magazine.

August 5-8 is this year's The 127 ( Corridor) Sale , "The World's Longest Yard Sale," stretching from Gadsden, Alabama, to Hudson, Michigan.

The brochure reads: "Yard sales can be found along the route at homes located on the designated route, in business parking lots, along side streets adjacent to the route, in wide open fields and pastures...and basically anywhere people can find to set up."

Along the way, check out the 100 year old jail in Jamestown, TN (headquarters of 127 Sale). Visit the nation's newest national park at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Honor World War I's most decorated hero at Sergeant Alvin C. York Grist Mill and Homeplace. Find natural rock formations, bridges and arches unique to the area.

Continue on to Highway 64 from Fort Smith to Beebe, Arkansas, from August 10-12. You'll find 160 miles of yard sales, antiques and collectibles and flea markets.

But don't forget to take a narrated tour on the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad.

If you can wait until October 20-22 you can enjoy hundreds of vendors along 354 miles of U.S. 80 from Mesquite Texas, to Vicksburg, Mississippi, via Louisiana. An extra plus for this event: it shares its highway with classic and not-so-vintage vehicles.

If you can't get away and want to find garage sales in your area, go to Yard Sale Treasure Map.
You'll be notified about sales within a certain radius of your starting point.

Finally, for more discount shopping ideas, visit


Diane J Standiford said...

Now THAT would be a yard sale EVENT!! What a great idea. I used to love throwing yard sales, made lots money. (Never took anything home!) What I enjoy in Seattle are estate sales, we still have old mansions here, with carriage...houses? I still have a beautiful set of end tables from one such sale.

Being Now said...

I'm actually in Jamestown this year for the famous event. I'm so excited. I usually shop down around northeast Georgia and Alabama but am looking forward to vending this year for half the sale, and shopping the other half. Feels like a good way to do it! I'm going to be at the brand new Jamestown Mini-Mall, on the right as you go toward Jamestown on 127 from Crossville. Should be signs up and all. What fun!

dmhowell2 said...

dI retired from teaching and want to do the big yard sale thing this year. I live 30 mi east of Lexington Ky. on I 64. Any ideas of the closest good place to get in on that sale?

Ms. 50something said...

Boy, am I jealous of you who can participate in those humungous sales! I love looking through thrift stores and the like and have never been fussy about wearing clothes handed down. As for Diane's thought--estate sales are great for getting some wonderful buys. I'm notified of them in my area. Also, I like going to sales at storage facilities--they sell the goods in unpaid lockers.