Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Find the Words to the Music, Then Try to Sing On-Key

A number of years ago we invited all my aunts and uncles (dad was one of 13 children) to our home. We had the piano tuned and I prepared a songbook. It wasn't long before my mostly Canadian born relatives burst into song when Uncle Joe occupied the piano bench.

With the internet did you know you can find lyrics to all your favorite songs with ease? I just tried it out with "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." You can even hear it performed by several different artists!

Folks, this has got to be one of my current favorite sites. Don't miss it.

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Emilia said...

Great recommendation as always. I know the sing on-key is optional - those Irish Eyes would not be smiling if you heard me belt a tune!

Shirley said...

This is a fantastic site! Brilliant as always, Susie.