Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Difference Between and Annulment and Divorce

Recently, Car-man and I watched "The Other Boleyn Girl." In the movie (and real life) King Henry VIII prevailed upon (and was refused by) the Roman Catholic Church to annul his 24-year marriage to Catherine of Aragon in order to wed Anne Boleyn, the wife who he subsequently beheaded for allegedly committing adultery.

According to the law, an annulment is a court procedure that like a divorce dissolves a marriage. But unlike a divorce, an annulment treats a marriage as if it never happened.

Nolo, an excellent guide to the law that even a layman can understand, differentiates civil vs. religious annulments. Furthermore, the site explains divorce (including no fault divorce) in detail and separation.

Related articles discuss how to find a divorce lawyer and how property division and alimony is determined in your state.

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