Friday, December 26, 2008

Making New Year's Resolutions

It's that time again.  Making those dreaded New Year's Resolutions.  I'll share some of mine (if you show me yours!):

1. Eat better, particularly fruits and veggies.  The chocolate has always been a temptation but I'll try to keep it at more than an arms-length away.

2. Exercise more.  2 days a week just isn't enough when you're sitting at the computer all day long.  I think I'll add yoga to my routine.

3. Maintain a positive attitude--it does wonders for your health (and besides, people won't get the urge to toss you out the window).

4. Make new friends (it's hard when you're sitting at the computer all day long--see #2) but keep the old (I won't say who), faithful ones closer than ever.
5. Volunteer (it's hard when you're sitting at your computer all day long--see #2, 4); it's even harder to make a selection from all the worthy causes out there.  

Check out these wise tips for keeping your 2009 resolutions.   

P.S. BUT since it's not 2009 yet,  I think I'll take the tiniest sample some of that holiday chocolate sitting on my counter and lounge around in my jammies a little while longer.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

since you'll be doing yoga and more exercise in 2009 i see no reason to cut back on the chocolate! afterall it calms you, makes you can that be bad?