Saturday, December 20, 2008

It Takes Energy Being a Grandparent!!!

When can you become a Grandma, princess, and doggie within seconds?  When N turned 2 last week and received a "magic wand,"  she got the hang of it really quickly.  All she had to do was press the button and the fairy music accompanied an imaginary transformation.  I'd act like an exaggerated Grandma or curtsy like a princess or bark like a dog.  She had all the power.  I was her servant and gladly so because I lacked sleep from the night before and this activity required little energy (I could practically handle it sitting down!).

Then 4 1/2 year old H pulled me out of my bliss.  

"Grandma, chase me (among two words grandmas, especially tired ones, fear the most).  We want to play with the grandkids but sometimes feel really sluggish.  Guess it's time to get back into a diet and exercise regimen!

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Ann Levine said...

Next time, just turn on Dora the Explorer.