Wednesday, December 3, 2008's Feature Article on Yours Truly - A Q&A with the Information Tamer for Boomers and Seniors

Boomer411 is a powerful site that helps users search and find relevant articles quickly and easily. It allows visitors to bookmark, organize and share their favorite sites, and was recently voted one of the best sites for baby boomers.

So I'm really honored that they have published a feature article on me and my new website, I hope you will stumble over there and check out the Q&A, which highlights the origins of my human-powered search engine and my remarkable transition from librarian to boomer web entrepreneur!
And while you're there, I hope you'll enjoy exploring Boomer411. One of the things that makes the site different from other search engines is its use of "Trustees" - Boomer experts that are invited to provide quality articles of interest through the site. I became a Trustee earlier this year love sharing my expertise on their site. 

The other thing I love about Boomer411 is sharing space with other prominent Boomers, including the radio host of the Beyond 50 Radio Show, Mark Miller from Retirement Revisited, and the founder of the Gilbert Guide, an extensive resource of senior care articles, tools and directories.

I encourage you to check out the site, sign up for your own account and start tagging so you can begin sharing your favorites web sites and articles!

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Bear Naked said...

Congratulations on being recognized on that site.

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