Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Perfect Pet

Erin and Sky headed for their mailbox in their 200+ apartment complex when they noticed a familiar image in a photo on the wall. "Found," it said. "For more information..."

Which of them had left the door to their apartment open? Who was to blame for this embarrassing slipup? And who had the burden of retrieving the missing member of their family?

Let's go back a step. Erin loves dogs. Even though she grew up with them, it wasn't until fairly recently that she discovered that she absolutely must have one in her household. Sky, on the other hand, never had a dog so it's possible he could be swayed either way.

Both work long hours so the idea of a dog watching hi-def t.v. in their apartment all day had to be put on hold until a satisfactory temporary replacement could be found.

Enter Roomba. Roomba is active but she is both quiet and friendly. She doesn't need to be fed. She doesn't even need bathroom privileges. Combined with the fact that she helps with the vacuuming, she was the image of the perfect pet.

Perfection, however, has its limits. Roomba, on occasion, has been known to disappear--under a bed, behind a piece of furniture, down the hall of an apartment complex if someone leaves the door open.

Should you be in the market for a pet (the mechanical kind) and want to know its pluses and minuses, check out Consumer Reports.


Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, have been considering ths pet.

Nancy said...

Those things fascinate me. I cant imagine them being all that useful but surely they must be entertaining. I can picture couples cracking open a beer or bottle of wine over the weekend and kicking back to watch little Roomba do his thing! My pets are someone messier but definitely more appreciative of petting than I think Roomba would be! LOL

50something said...

When you're desperate for a pet like Erin, you'll try anything. For years she had a room heater named Max. I think she's hoping that one of these days, Roomba will flip over on its back and ask for a tummy rub.

LN-Santa Clarita said...

Once I was pet sitting my neighbor’s dog, cat(s) & bird when out from under the staircase came their own little Roomba. I think my husband had more fun playing with Roomba than any of their other pets!

50something said...

Unfortunately, Roomba doesn't respond to commands like "sit" and "heel." But unlike other pets, it does clean up after itself. Let's hear it for Roomba!

Happysmile said...

YES, I could handle a pet like that. Well I remember the agony of having a dog that is actually breathing!

50something said...

Do you remember the Pet Rock? I bet you could handle that.

Laura said...

Reread 'Marley and Me' by John Grogan. After that, any pet you have will achieve perfection! I find this category most helpful. Age is definitely a criteria in selecting the kind of unconditional love we want to receive from a pet.

Laura Hamlett
Valencia, California

50something said...

I need to read "Marley and Me." Maybe a summer diversion. Thanks for suggesting this.