Sunday, May 25, 2008

Man At Work

Brent was 12 years old. His 6 year old sister's friends' parents knew that he made extra cash by hand washing and waxing cars (and paid him royally). Many of the cars were dark colors (black, mostly) so it was especially difficult wiping off any remaining wax/getting them spotless. He worked for hours and even his meticulous dad rarely found smudges.

One Saturday Maury R. called to ask if Brent could clean his car. I answered the phone and relayed the proposition to Brent to which he replied, "Tell him to call me at 2. I'll try to fit him in."

Actually Brent didn't have any clients that day but he wanted his customers to think he was incredibly busy!

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artkoff said...

Now that I'm in my 70's I don't wash cars any more.


50something said...

Hi Brent,
Come on. You're never too old to play in water! Enlist a couple of kids to assist (?) and you'll have a lot of fun. Don't forget the suds for additional amusement!
You can choose the car-washing alternative (check out the photo attached).