Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just Don't "Plan" on Getting Old

Check out Senior Journal and MetLife Mature Market Institute Boomers Ready to Launch Survey.

You might be surprised at the findings:

The first baby boomers who participated in the "turbulent 1960's" have chosen traditional lifestyles.

63% of us are as conservative or more so than we were at a younger stage.

Most of us have our 2+ kids, have earned a decent living, and have been successful caring for family, community, and ourselves.

We don't "plan" on getting old for another 12 - 21 years, especially if we're in good health.

Old age scares us--what health problems lie ahead and will we be prepared and able to pay for long-term care?

Health and financial issues aside, we look forward to retirement and not having to work.

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