Saturday, December 26, 2009

Managing Job Search Stress: Ways To Manage The Stress Of Finding a New Job

Author and psychotherapist Mary Jane Hurley Brant provides 6 suggestions on managing the stress of a job search:

1. Don't consider job loss as a personal failure. Many good, loyal, hard-working, intelligent people lost their jobs. Don't internalize it into your personal identity.

2. Concentrate on what you do well.

3. Properly grieve the lay-off as you would any loss.

4. Evaluate the old job--what you miss, what you don't want to undertake again.

5. Get through the anger and possible depression so it doesn't undermine for job search/interviews.

6. Stay healthy. Get some rest and relaxation.

Also, consider upgrading your skills and improving your resume.


Diane J Standiford said...

Good advice.

karen said...

Great Advice! Happy New Year!!!!

Mary Jane Hurley Brant said...

Dear Sue,

I am delighted and grateful that you would post my article.

We'll keep the prayers going that everyone gets work.

Thank you and have a beautiful holiday and New Year.

Mary Jane Hurley Brant

Ron said...

Understanding that getting a lower-pay, part-time, job is not the end of the world is also a big step to finding work. Work that pays is better than no work at all. So, get out there and start looking, in this economic downfall you really can't get the "wrong job".
Best of luck, and understanding, to those looking for work.

Ms. 50something said...

Thanks, all, for your comments. Ron has the right idea--don't just sit there and agonize--some money is better than no money. Also, there's so much more to mention like:
Try an internship--it may lead to a position
Get recommendations from former bosses (it may have been out of their control to lay you off and they'll feel better by helping you get the next one)
Upgrade your skills
Look for companies that hire your age group
Network as much as you can (including getting on LinkedIn, etc.)