Sunday, September 20, 2009

Putting "Fun" Back Into Photography

Electronics guru Kim Komando shared some of her favorite "special effects" photography sites.

1. Although some features require paid membership Picnik provides tools that mimic certain types of film or paper. You can even insert text bubbles

2. BigHugeLabs offers dozens of tools to do mozaics, posters and puzzles.

3. MorphThing combines 2 faces into one.

4. Put someone into a movie scene or onto a poster or billboard by using FunPhotoBox.

5. Class up your photo with ornate frames. Or cut your photos into various shapes. Put your face onto the body of a weightlifter or model with LoonaPix.

6. Mozaiq does just that--make a mozaic of your photos.

7. Photovisi provides various layouts for a photo collage.

8. You don't need extra lenses (or an SLR camera) to be able to focus on your subject and blur the background. Try TiltShiftMaker.

Thanks, Kim! And for digital camera reviews, visit

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