Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brain Health: What You Can Do

The University of California, Berkeley, puts out a great Wellness Letter.

Lately it featured an article on brain health. This is what I learned to promote good brain health:

1. What helps your cardiovascular system also benefits your brain and protects it from disease.

2. Exercise is a key factor to preserving brain function. Aerobic exercise, in particular, can improve brain activity and produce new brain cells and the connections between them.

3. Anything that exercises your brain is promoting good mental health.

4. Control your blood pressure.

5. Prevent or control your diabetes.

6. Control your weight--especially that bulge around your middle.

7. Lower your cholesterol naturally or with drugs.

8. Increase your good cholesterol.

9. Eat a heart-healthy diet. Alcohol in moderation has been linked to better cognitive functioning.

10. Large doses of vitamin B12 (under a doctor's supervision) may help with memory loss.

1. Treat depression as it may cause severe memory problems.


karen said...

I am having trouble with the bulge area around the waste. Help!!!!

karen said...

Thanks for all the info. Very good stuff.

Ms. 50something said...

Maybe this will help for trimming the waist--

Also, readers, check out Karen's blog,
It's the real thing and very touching.

Karen, check out

Diane J Standiford said...

Great advice! I make the cut! Whew. Really, these are simply things. My aunt is 102, but never really "old."