Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Incontinence Plagues Boomers and Seniors

We were with our cousins at an Idaho resort. Some boys were eying our teenage girls.  They asked to join our volleyball game.  And so the mating dance began.

The young men displayed their athletic prowess by leaping at the ball as it inched past the net. They flew to different sides of the court to return the lobs.

Then one cousin recklessly slapped the ball.  But instead of neatly falling to our side of the court, the ball took a detour towards the lake footsteps away.

The suitor bolted for the ball and unceremoniously plopped (arms and legs flying) into the frigid water.

Our cousins were so hysterical that one bashfully made her way back to our room, leaving a trail of pee along the way.

If you're having trouble "holding it," maybe it's time for you to see a urologist.  

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