Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Help Aging Communities

Cecily O'Connor recently completed a National Press Foundation fellowship on retirement issues in the 21st century and now reports for Spot.Us, a very cool and unique community-funded investigative reporting agency where the public (meaning you and I) could commission this service to investigate overlooked stories.

In her 3-part series, O'Connor covers "When The Longevity Revolution Hits Your Town" and compares challenges and solutions facing five diverse Northern California cities, San Francisco, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Sacramento and Vallejo, which, she asserts, represent the spectrum of communities across the United States.  

"Age-friendly" programs, transportation, housing, healthcare, employment and crime are just a few of the topics discussed in this thoroughly-engaging examination of increasing senior ranks.

Professors, sociologists, city manager and officers of aging organizations discuss the dilemma communities face in order to build sustainable solutions into city planning.  And the problem is further fueled not only by diminishing, sometimes bankrupt, public funds but also declining home values.

Find out how other communities are handling these issues and think about how you can help your town deal with these foreseeable concerns.

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