Monday, November 14, 2011

Financial Pros Give Tips on Common Deceptions

According to author Ron Burley, there are steps you can take on your credit and home loans.

Place a security freeze on your credit reports until you are ready to apply for a loan. Each freeze and thaw costs $5-20. but it is well worth it.

Hire a real estate attorney to represent you when taking out a home loan. They can protect you from mortgage brokers who often have a conflict of interests.

If you do use a mortgage broker, ask and follow up on three references. Find out first how much they stand to gain from any loan they suggest so you are clear about the charges.

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Marti said...

Good tips. I've never heard of getting a lawyer to look over a mortgage loan before. Do you have an article about the type of deceptions that mortgage companies use?

Ms. 50something said...

Try this website:
Hope it helps!