Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Buying Used Cars

I've known about auto brokers who take all the bickering out of purchasing a new car. But I hadn't been aware that there are companies that locate used cars too.

According to Mary Makarushka, "anyone can buy a car this way, in any price range" with such a dealer.

Here's how you can take advantage of this service and save big bucks:

1. Use Consumer Reports to research automobiles.

2. Test-drive similar autos.

3. Prioritize your options.

4. Use Kelley Blue Book for suggested retail values and then visit other sites to see what your dream car is actually selling for. Don't expect to pay less than a sale by private party or a lease trade-in.

5. Find a dealer or independent who's willing to work with you. Ask for references. Do not pay deposits or sign any contracts.

6. Read the Carfax report (the vehicle's history).

7. Get the automobile checked out by a reliable mechanic (the cost is well worth it since he/she can find proof of accidents, etc. that may not be listed on the Carfax).

Good luck!

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