Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Surprise Friend

After 2 daughters Mom hoped that her last pregnancy would yield a son. Instead she got me.
I was a chubby baby, an escape stepstool from our mutual playpen for my slightly older, more agile cousin Bobby.  I was also a real-life replacement for my 7 year old sister's doll, Susie-Q.
"Happy," "easy-going," "confident" were some of the words used to describe me as a youngster.  I gravitated more to Dad than to Mom and it remained that way until Dad died 6 years ago.
Sometime during my adult life (I can't pinpoint when), my role with my parents reversed.  I became more the parent, appearing when important decisions demanded my attention.  So I am surprised that our roles have changed once again.
Mom emptied her house (a huge job for which I am immensely grateful), closed all her accounts, and moved 1 1/2 hours away from everything and everybody familiar to her for the last 65 years. She's an active new member of a retirement community near me.  She is facing situations she hasn't encountered since her school days--which clique do you fall into, who do you eat with at mealtime, can you play the game respectably, should you get into a relationship, how vocal should you be about your views.  And she is handling each issue with grace, intelligence, and courage.
She is mastering new gadgets as well--a DVD player, a cell phone, a new tv, an Apple computer (versus her old PC).
Mom is modeling some significant character traits that I look for in a good friend.
She is not only my mother now--she is turning into a close friend.

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Shirley said...

Oh Susie, this is absolutely beautiful. What a marvelous thing to have happen between the two of you! And your mother is adjusting! She is one of the most personable people I know – she will manage just beautifully. How proud you must be of her! What an inspiration for all of us!