Friday, September 12, 2008

Mad Men: An Addiction

I'm hooked. Mad Men is one of those TV programs that's addicting.  All the characters are multi-dimensional; their workplace personas (ambition, earning power, and sex) and personal lives (proper and traditional) are different sides of the spectrum.
Donald Draper is moving to the top of his game in the ad biz in the late 50's, early 60's.  Pete Campbell and others are newcomers clawing their ways up on the pay scale and for the larger office.  The strict gender caste system is evident in every part of their office.  Secretaries are often viewed as inferiors and as sex objects.  The tastelessness and downright lack of common courtesy reveals how times have changed--thankfully.
The last episode ended with Donald Draper and his wife and kids on a picnic. The scene showed the remainder of their picnic lunch on the blanket, lovely Betty with her head on her husband's lap, and the kids at play.  Absolutely pristine.  Until they are ready to leave.  Donald crushes his soda can and tosses it across the park.  Betty shakes the trash from the blanket and just leaves it there!  
When people reflect on the "good old days," they overlook how times have changed in a positive way.  They fail to remember the blatant sexism.  And these days you'd be stuck with a fine or hostile stares for littering.
Everything depicted in Mad Men feels authentic.  Is that the way it really was? 


Bear Naked said...

That TV program sounds very familiar. I am sure I read about it somewhere and found that it was not available in our area.
Which network is carrying it?

Bear((( )))

Ms. 50something said...

AMC. It's well worth watching...obviously!

Diane J Standiford said...

I posted about this show on my blog. YES THAT WAS How it was. I JUST, HAVING KEYBOARD PROB HERE, ANYHOO I just love how the men sit, like men used to, arms spread wide, assuming dominate pose. So many details, the storyline matters less to me, just remembering how it was.

Ms. 50something said...

Yachtigirl at the gym reminded me about how people tossed things from their cars. No one gave a second thought to littering.
And the men were "out of control!"