Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When You Need a Lawyer

Erin reached for the bitterly-contested subject of the custody battle and put her into the car.

She cautiously eyed the aloof occupant as she drove the freeway. In turn, Ashley leered at Erin. No words were exchanged. Erin was convinced that Ashley needed some serious attitude adjustment.

They drove in silence. The ten miles seemed endless. When Erin shifted her car into park, Ashley's reserve did a 180 when she recognized her daddy and settled into his outstretched arms.

The Erin returned to her law office.

Boomers and Seniors beware: You never know when you'll need an attorney. But if you do, here are some pointers to finding the right one for you:

1. How to find and hire the right attorney

2. AARP's suggestions for reasonable fees for services

3. Finding a local lawyer

4. The difference between arbitration, mediation, and litigation

5. Help for low and moderate income people to find free legal aid programs in their state

Last week Erin passed a local park. She saw Ashley and her client dutifully following the instructions of their obedience class teacher.

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