Monday, March 24, 2008

Aging, It's Better Than the Alternative

"Hey, Haley. Do you like birthdays?"

"Yeah, Grandma. Let's pretend I'm having a birthday."

"Ok, Haley, how old are you going to be?"

"4 1/2"

Hmmm, I think to myself. How did she pass the 4th year unnoticed?

Knowing that her best friend, Rachael, just had her 4th birthday party, I asked, "How old is Rachee?"


"Isn't she older than you?"


Okay, so my grandkid isn't the best with numbers. Neither am I (as can be emphatically vouched by my accountant). But we do differ about the concept of aging. She thinks of aging and its obvious relationship to princess birthday parties. I think of aging more short-term, like when my bananas will ripen.

Everyone these days wants to get on the "Aging" bandwagon. And even though I've never professed to being normal, I, too, have taken note of a few prime websites.

Now it's your turn. Does anyone out there know of a good math tutor for my granddaughter?


Andrea said...

Hmmm. As a member of your (and Haley's) gene pool, I think the math skills are in her DNA. Skip the tutor. Work on chocolate appreciation. It's ageless. Old, young, those in between can all enjoy that skill and quality together throughout life!

50something said...

You're right. Chocolate is the ONLY thing that really counts. But every once in a while, if you'd throw in a few tropical-flavored jelly beans, I'd be one happy camper!