Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Caregiving Suggestions

According to's Gilbert Guide, it's better to redirect or validate a person with dementia rather than remind him/her that he/she is demented.

They recommend redirecting the conversation away from the issue to something more pleasant. Be warm and open to reduce stress and tension.

Validate feelings and emotions. "Accept that your loved one's emotions have more validity than the logic that leads to them."

Those with dementia sometimes experience delusions and/or hallucinations. These experiences are vivid and upsetting. Ask simple questions to try to give them some relief.

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Yaz said...

These situations are so sensitive. While it is possible to train someone with tips like these, I do think that these are basic, almost instinctive social skills from people who are well socialized, or using today's jargon of the week, have "emotional intelligence".

People who need to be reminded of things like this really should not be taking care of people with dementia. But many people are faced with no other choice than to take whatever care they can get for their loved ones. It's a sad fact, and it is a really sad disease, having personally seen it reduce some amazing and wonderful people to conditions about which they themselves would be quite ashamed.