Friday, August 26, 2011

Hold the Bold: Suggestions on Looking Thinner

Image consultant Glam Gals share 5 ways to not look fat after 50. These suggestions are good enough to repeat:

1. Don't use too many bold patterns, especially if you're short and full figured. You may choose, however, a solid pant with a patterned top.

2. No puffy sleeves. They're too young and cutesy and draw attention to puffy arms.

3. Stick to lighter colored (lighter than your skin tone) shoes since darker colored ones make calves and ankles look heavier. No ankle straps.

4. Stay away from wild color combinations and pair your favorite shades with neutral colors like white, taupe or black.

5. No glitz where it shouldn't be. Avoid the rhinestones, etc. around a round middle. You get the idea.

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