Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Lasting Effects of Combat: Injuries May Cause Epilepsy

It may be as late as 30 years...that a soldier can still develop epilepsy from a head injury, according to a new study of Vietnam veterans.

Brain injuries sustained in combat can cause seizures or post-traumatic epilepsy. "With severe injury, almost half develop epilepsy" (Dr. L. James Willmore) Of Vietnam vets who had injuries involving penetration of the skull (like from shrapnel), 44% suffered from post-traumatic epilepsy.

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karen said...

my brother and niece just started having seizers. WE do not know what is causeing either of there seizers. They are not dad and daughter but uncle and niece. Isn't that weird?

Ms. 50something said...

Very. At the same time? Were they in accidents? What does the doctor say?