Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walking the Smart Way: Seniors Advised

Walk the right way--as instructed by the UC Berkeley May, 2008, Wellness Letter. You can get more out of your walking workouts when you:
  • Walk briskly for a half hour every day or for 1 hour 4 days a week
  • Walk often
  • Use a pedometer for motivation
  • Swing your arms
  • Speed up every 5 minutes for 1-2 minutes
  • Walk up and down hills
  • Walk on different surfaces like grass or gravel
  • Try using a walking stick or pole
  • Use hand weights (start with 1 pounders)
  • Try walking backwards
  • Choose the right shoes
For more on walking, visit 50somethinginfo.com.


Diane J Standiford said...

Great advice! (For all ages, so many younger people think they nust run, like my brother who now has had 2 knee replacements and one hip. He bikes now, if you are full of youthful energy--BIKE. And seniors, keep moving however you can.

karen said...

Great advice. I love mall walking but walking outside in the nice weather is a joy too. Great stress releiver.

Kate DuBois said...

Walking is my favorite exercise, and I get out to Torrey Pines Reserve for an hour of exercise almost every morning. I'm so grateful for our national parks and the nature trails.

I haven't used walking sticks yet, but I'm seeing them more often on the trails.

Another thing I'm seeing is more older people jogging. I just watched a really inspiring video that reinforces the points you're making about staying active as you age. Have you seen it? Mr. Jimmy’s Birthday Challenge is about Jimmy Moore, an 80 year old man who decides to run 80K for his 80th birthday. Wow! Wonder how many steps he racked up on his pedometer?!

Ms. 50something said...

Yes, if you have bad weather, go to the mall and find fellow walkers. It's fun and great for your health! Thanks, Karen.

Ms. 50something said...

I LOVE Torrey Pines. How lucky you are to have access to such a lovely place. I just watched Mr. Jimmy. He is so inspiring. Folks, this is just a short video. Watch it and then take the challenge. The beginning of the video was really cute. Thanks!