Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Buy the Cow: Dating and Sex After 50

Okay. So I'm not in the market for dating and new love. It doesn't mean, though, that I'm not interested (fascinated maybe) in what goes on in that sphere.

Vibrant Nation has its own take on "Sex on a first date," "What to wear on a first or second date," and "10 first date don'ts." A number of ladies give their input and some may be applicable to your situation (as for men, it gives them a "heads up" on what the ladies are thinking.)

As for "Sex on a first date": The responders shared everything from "there's nothing wrong with it at our age" to "I believe in having sex on the first date. At my age there may not be a second," to "Don't" to "Make sure you are protected from sexually transmitted diseases, which are on the rise among older adults," to "it takes a couple (of dates) to sniff out a creep," to "trust your instincts."

As for "10 first date don'ts," none of the answers were surprising. Common sense says it all. However, don't forget to listen to the other person, don't tell all about yourself, and don't talk about hardships and worries.

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